Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Unexpected Benefits (Life in a Small Town)

Having a bed and Breakfast located in a small town has a few benefits.

First of all being located in a small town means that when one travels to your town chances are truly excellent that the visitor will visit your shop or store, frequent our eating establishments and staying with us become for a time, part of our town.

Second, you know all the other shop owners in town so there is almost always someone to watch your store for you.  Fact is you know almost everyone in town  - as well as their grandmothers.

Third, when your town is visited by a State Representative, chances are you will have the opportunity to meet, greet and just set and talk for a while.  This is exactly what happened tonight here in Rogersville, Alabama.

Representative Mo Brooks came to town tonight to hold a Small Town Town - Hall.  Prior to this larger meeting, members of Rogersville Retail (Business) Community had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Representative Brooks about the actual and expected impacts we, as small business owners, are feeling due to ObamaCare among other topics.

A group of 16 or 17 persons representing 5 or 6 small business sat down for dinner at Butler's Restaurant tonight.  The non-scripted round of questions and answers covered a wide array of topics.  If nothing else this exchange left those present with a better understanding of POLITICS at the Federal level.  It also left, I trust, Mo Brooks with a clear grasp of how the backbone of a small town economic community is being impacted by decisions made Washington D.C.  At any rate, this event provided a great face to face between our elected representative and a small slice of the American voting public!

I do not think the voices of our business community would be heard as well if we were just a part of a big city economy.  Like the title of this post suggests - An Unexpected Benefit    

Have a blessed Day.

Betty Maloney
Longing For Home Bed and Breakfast
"A State of Mind, A Place of Grace, A Way of Life*"
* Taken from the book, How to be a Better Southerner by Carolyn Kent.

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