Friday, January 18, 2013

New Longing For Home Bed and Breakfast Mobile Site

We are beginning 2013 by launching a new web presence for Longing For Home.

Our website (www.longingforhome.com) has a new look with all the social media buttons in place. For your convenience these buttons have been placed on each page along with new "like" and "tweet" buttons so you can share with your friends and tweeter followers.

As these changes were made to our website, we have gathered our professional associations into the center part of our home page.  Here you can, with a single click view the current 60 guest reviews registered with BedandBreakfast.com Diamond Collection Inns as well as the 15 guest reviews captured so far by TripAdvisor.    

In addition, we now have a section on our home page just for the guest comments.  This "Guest Comments" section will change from time to time with comments left for us in the guest journals located in each of our guest rooms.  The combination of these real-time comments and the current 75 guest reviews should give those considering a visit with us for the first time a "warm fuzzy" as to the great experience they can expect. 

We also launched a mobile version (http://m.longingforhome.com/) of our website that is tailored specifically for your i-phones or android phones.

Word of mouth is the best and most effective form of advertising and we hope that these improvements to our web presence will help you help us to grow.  

Have a blessed Day.

Betty Maloney
Longing For Home Bed and Breakfast
"A State of Mind, A Place of Grace, A Way of Life*"
* Taken from the book, How to be a Better Southerner by Carolyn Kent.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Can't wait to visit and start using your mobile site, if its as good as your main site then it should be brilliant.