Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reaching Beyond Our Shores

Quickly experienced, the last year was, for us, a wonderful undertaking! Over the last 15 months Longing For Home hosted a night of entertainment for the America's Great Loop Cruises Association (AGLCA) during their annual visit to North Alabama, provided the venue for weddings/receptions, hosted wedding and baby showers and added greatly to a circle of friends that span across the United States and beyond.

We were privileged to host an Italian couple on a honeymoon trip across our great country and, in recent days, couples from Australia and from England. The opportunity of meet and talk with each of our guest drives home to us the “wonder” that is the United States of America. Although different in many ways we, as Americans, share a wonderful heritage and history and truly do live in an amazing country.

As our circle of friends expands beyond this country's shores, I can state with confidence that we also share much with those from other countries. A love of family, a deep seated desire to seek after God, a fundamental pride in country, a true appreciation for good humor as well as a and deep seated desire to know and to share stories that help define each of us.

Military stories share between new friends tied our Australian guest to our military experiences from Vietnam to the challenges of Airborne training and the common thread that weaves the fabric of military life.

The following poem, shared with us by our recent English guests, I think pictures beautiful common family element that is truly international.


A grandmother is a woman,
who has no children of her own,
so she loves the boys and
girls of other people.

Grandmothers have nothing to
do, they only have to be there.
If they take you for a walk,
they go slowly past beautiful
Leaves and caterpillars.

They never say
“Come along quickly”,
or “Hurry up for goodness sake.”
They are usually fat, but not
too fat to tie up my show laces.

They wear spectacles and
sometimes take out their teeth.
They can answer any question,
for instance why dogs hate cats
and why God is not married.

When they read to us, they never
leave anything out. They do not
mind if it’s always the same story.
Everyone should have a
grandmother especially those
who do not have a television.
Grandmothers are the only
grown ups who have plenty of time.

Have a blessed Day.

Bill and Betty Maloney
Longing For Home Bed and Breakfast
"A State of Mind, A Place of Grace, A Way of Life"

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